Our Process

Skeggs Landscaping & Design will work with you to ensure that your goals and expectations for your landscape project come to fruition. In order to do so, we put a lot of effort into the planning process. We recommend that our clients do some thinking about their requirements before meeting with us.

  • How much time do you want to spend maintaining your garden?
  • Do you intend to do a lot of outdoor entertaining?
  • Will there be children and/or pets using the space?
  • Do you love the sunshine or do you want a lot of trees or maybe a pergola?
  • Do you have privacy requirements?
  • Do you want an outdoor lighting system?
  • Will there be other installations that we need to be aware of (e.g. gas barbecue or central air conditioning system)?
  • Do you have future plans that we should take into account now (e.g. a hot tub, a shed or a play structure)?

We will also review variables such as size of the site, accessibility and elevation that could impact the project. The initial design should be a sketch that is both clear and simple as this makes it easier for us to work together on the design phase.

Once we have a few design concepts we can proceed with recommending the design that best fits your needs and budget. We like to incorporate flexibility into our designs because, in our experience, a finished landscape is rarely exactly what was initially conceptualized. Changes are frequently made throughout the design-build process, and we have the flexibility to incorporate improvements as we go.

Finally, the design is implemented and the project starts coming together. This is where we physically create your landscape. Sit back and enjoy – your share of the work is done!

When your landscape is complete we will go over the project with you, explaining what upkeep is required. There is no such thing as a maintenance-free landscape, and even though we asked you to consider how much work you wanted to do at the initial planning phase, you might decide it's more realistic to get some help. If so, remember that Skeggs Landscaping & Design is a "design, build and maintain" firm, and we would embrace your maintenance business.